During these turbulent times stress can wreck havoc on our bodies. It starts with muscle tightness and soreness, irritability and sleeplessness when negative energy has the opportunity to accumulate and harm our bodies.

When we take the time to care for ourselves and are feeling our best, we are then able to handle stressful situations with better focus and a sense of clarity. When we have responsibilities which require us to take care of others, but don’t take care of ourselves, it makes it difficult, and tiresome to tend to those aspects of our life. Taking time to nurture yourself shouldn’t be considered a luxury, it should be a priority! At Power of Touch we have many clients who understand this, and we are grateful for them.

At Power of Touch we believe our bodies are like our cars. We fill our cars with gas to keep them running, change the oil and maintain them, wash and wax them to keep their luster. Our bodies hold that same principle.

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